Reiki classes and workshops with Wilma

Reiki expands your energy fieldOnline Reiki classes

  • Online Group Reiki I and II $ 495
  • In person Group Reiki I and II $ 495


What is Reiki?

The journey of the Holy Fire Reiki path is ongoing and is personal to everyone who wants to learn it. Reiki is a beautiful way to connect deeply with your Higher Self and helps you move through your days with that infinite wisdom.

Online private Reiki Level I and II

Level I include a 4 hour Zoom class meeting with me, where you go through the history of Reiki and Holy Fire Reiki and how to apply the teachings of Holy Fire Reiki to your life. At the end of our zoom meeting, you will receive your holy fire placement which will initiate you into the energy of Reiki and allow you to practice Reiki on yourself. Together we will do an online distant Reiki practice session.

You will receive the 192-page manual for Reiki I and II, and your certificate via snail mail. A Holy Fire outline supplement will be sent to you by email. And you can always contact me for questions or a chat.

Level 1 is focused upon self-healing. You'll learn the basics of Reiki and discover how to incorporate Reiki into your daily life. You'll explore how the healing process works and how to tune into the messages from your Source how to manage your own energy and how to use Reiki.

Investment $ 235

Level II

In Level 2, you deepen your relationship with Reiki. You will explore how to live your life more fully and in tune with Spirit and understand how to build a thriving Reiki practice. This level includes all the powerful Reiki symbols, which will help to energize your practice, support your ability to offer emotional healing, and give you the skill to offer Reiki through a distance. After completing Level 2, you will be able to offer Reiki to clients, and to your family and friends.

Level II includes a 4 hour zoom class meeting, a distant Reiki session practice. Meditation sessions.

The Holy Fire Reiki placement and the certificate.

Investment: $ 275

These two levels include:

  • Reiki past and present
  • How does Reiki heal
  • How to use Reiki
  • The Reiki symbols and how to use them
  • World Reiki peace grid
  • The Japanese techniques
  • The western hand positions
  • Deepen ability to create life of abundance and joy
  • How to create a thriving Reiki practice
  • Meditation techniques